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At XACTIQ, we provide effective training and learning as the foundation for building a healthy, successful company.


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Our goal is to help you and your business increase productivity and scale through effective strategy and healthy culture.

“I have seen Lorenzo weave his special brand of people empowerment. It takes him just one engagement to identify their specific strength, overriding passion and unique contribution. He has a terrific ability to ask pertinent questions launching them into a journey of discovering their potential and identifying possibilities. Lorenzo is a key, unlocking people in ways that show them how valuable and resourceful they are!”

DJ McPhail, leader of Liberty Global

“Lorenzo is a leader who has the rare combination of both a visionary and a delivery orientation. He has the ability see possibilities and potential that others skip over, while also having the ability to operationalize a strategy that charts a path towards realizing that vision. He is both a person of vision and practice. I commend Lorenzo to anyone interested in looking to visualize new strategies and actually delivering them.”

Andrew Steere, Engineering Consultant