Why Branding Isn’t Enough

“What’s your brand?” We’ve heard the question a hundred times, and as we try to give an accurate answer we have that uneasy feeling that somehow it sounds a little hollow or unfinished.  Brands are interesting animals. They can be cultural forces, like Coca Cola or Apple, or cultural failures, like Enron. They give us hooks to live by, associate

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Culture is a Person

Every company, corporation and start-up has a Culture Person, whether they’re aware of it or not. Let’s call this Person Bobby. Your customers and clients are meeting Bobby every time they interact with you or one of your employees. In every person, there are two fundamental elements that make up who we are: our personhood and our personality. Personhood is derived from our values and personality expresses our vigor. Each

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What is a Culturalist?

Company Culture is essentially about WHO a company is, which powerfully enables HOW and WHAT they DO. In three words, it’s about Believe, Behave and Become. Practically, it manifests in think, feel, do. You could also think of it in terms of People, Process and Products. Over the years, I developed a philosophy and approach for understanding, designing and implementing

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